The happiness and success of your team is partly determined by whether or not their core ‘Motivations’ are being met.

Motivational Maps are a fantastic tool for understanding what’s motivating each of your employees and how that fits into the wider context of your organisation. They make it easy to:
  • Identify what a person is motivated by and what they want and need to work to drive high performance
  • Measure to what extent a person’s Motivators are currently being met
  • Drive up motivation levels through practical, targeted reward strategies
  • Help people set meaningful targets for their future motivation levels – and create a realistic plan for achieving them!
What’s more, we’ll then use the data we gather on your individual employees to produce Team Maps and Organisational Maps to help build on the strengths of everyone working together. Something we’ll help you use in multiple ways to build a true people-centric culture and strategy in your business.

Motivational Maps are one of the best performance tools available to businesses today, and over the years we’ve found that they’re incredibly easy and impactful to use:
  • 92% of Maps users report that they find the tool easy to complete
  • 95% of Maps users said it accurately described their personal motivators
  • 97% found the information in their personal report useful
If you’re curious about how Motivational Maps can help you better understand, motivate and drive the performance of your team, contact us today. We’re sure you’ll love them as much as we do!